marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

All dressed up

Ah, the adventures of inspiration.  Starting with a picture means it starts with how the heroine is dressed, before even I know her name.  The muse was content to only tweak the appearance -- before she threw in that really, it was a bit of Cinderella thing, those bright colors.  In her city, bright colors are childish.  Her aunt insists on her wearing them because she's annoyed with how the character is continuing her education.  If she were a proper adult, she would wear sober browns and grays and blacks.  Perhaps white for enlivenment.

Looks like this story's going to involve clothes.

The muse has thrown out a few more ideas.  There's going to be a city where they are surprised at her unbound hair, because obviously she's married, wearing colors like that.  Maidens wear white and gray, and widows, black.  Then, there are going to be countries where her style of clothing is too foreign to be anything except foreign.  And at one point someone's going to spangle some dress with stars, to indicate that she's a wizard, which she is.

Hmm.  Perhaps one where her owning different colored clothing makes her look like she's claiming different occupations -- of different prestige and status, at that.

A bit odd at that, because she is not herself particularly concerned with her clothing.  She can mend it, of course, but she's not going to be strong on the technical details of the clothing she encounters.

Of course, that just gives the muse a chance to let rip on the symbolism and social significance of it all.
Tags: world-building: aging and coming of age, world-building: clothing, world-building: social classes, world-building: social structure

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