marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

Beloved Ghosts vs. the Evil Dead

The corpse that's walking around, that's not really the dead person, versus the disembodied spirit that really is the dead and who probably has a purpose.

And how ghosts know where the floor was, and so they walk along it, even if the floor was raised several inches in the years since.

And ghosts of many forms -- like the tree that grew on the grave of Aschenputtal's mother.

And I have to tell the story of how a ghost's statement was admitted to evidence in court.  A woman had her daughter exhumed because the daughter's ghost had told her she hadn't died of natural causes but her husband had broken her neck.  Lo and behold they did find her neck had been broken.

When testifying, she was asked by the defense lawyer if it was true that she had talked to a ghost (to impugn her sanity).  So the prosecutor redirected and said, "So what did the ghost say?"  And the defense couldn't object on the grounds it was hearsay because he had brought it up.  

The husband was convicted.  Then, he had a generally bad reputation, this was his second wife who had died, and when the sheriff arrived to arrest him, he said, 'You'll never prove it."

Tags: arisia, world-building: creatures, world-building: enchantment

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