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Velveteen vs. the Junior Super-Patriots

Velveteen vs. the Junior Super-Patriots by Seanan McGuire

Being a collection of short stories about the erstwhile superheroine Velveteen, who can bring dolls and stuffed animals and other such toys to life.  She left the West Coast Junior Super Patriots on her eighteenth birthday to escape their Marketing, and, after several years lurking, is heading toward Oregon.

Things happen.

The opening stories are amusing little incidents, but we start getting into her background and backstory, the nasty side of the Super Patriots, Inc., the classification and types of superpowers. . . accumulating toward an overarching plot.  (Which is not complete in this book, though the final story does tie off her arc for this work.

They involve coffee shops --  more than one -- and a rabbit who hands her napkins, accounts of funerals and first kisses, a Goodwill shop where the employees just want her to leave, heartbreak, bluebirds that do your hair, treachery on a team, adventures in an autumnal alternate universe, a blind date, and young superheroes finding a fight going nothing like the way they expected.

Besides the book, seanan_mcguire posted these stories and more on her journal.
Tags: fiction reviews: alternate world fantasy, fiction reviews: short story collections, fiction reviews: superheroes

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