marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

I wrestle with the law

Not fight, mind you, just wrestle.  I have already worked out the backstory of the relevant law that my heroine will get someone to look up on her behalf.  And the law is in place.  Another Mad Scientist madly did this experiment before -- it backfired badly -- and the king involved that time not only made laws for his own kingdom, he persuaded other kingdoms to follow his lead.

Which means it's just lying there, ready to leap into action on my heroine's behalf.  How convenient.

So half of that is wrassling down the convenience until it is a silver lining to a deep, dark, thunderous cloud.  Fairly simple, at that.  The law being unequivocal on the heroine's side, it means the villains of the piece have no alternative to keeping her from getting to the law.  Hurrah.  We can have action and adventure instead of politicking.

Simple, however, does not mean easy.  For one thing, this thunderous cloud is nothing without my doing a good chunk of info-dumping.  She has to learn about it while it is still bad news, and the good news aspect is a far off hint of the dawn on the horizon, not to be reached without surviving the pre-dawn downpour.  Getting the info is straightforward.  The problem lies in prying open the story in some appropriate place for her to sit down and read it, when it fits the flow of the story, and the reader is (i hope) curious enough to sit through it.

Tags: adventure, backstory, exposition, genre: steampunk, politics, story structure, world-building: law, world-building: technology, writing audience

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