marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

sun, moon, stars -- clouds

So I'm zipping along, defining a world, and I merrily decide that it's always cloud.  Perhaps it's under a curse, perhaps it's a Fairyland and lives in half-life, perhaps it's a Golden-Age-Of-SF-Venus type planet.

And again and again and again I have to remind myself that a nice day is one with pale clouds, with lots of daylight suffusing the air, and you aren't going to get sunbeams -- still less moonbeams -- and the whole quality of the light will have changed.

Send in a tourist, of course, and you can have comparisons.  Or even a local who's been away, though there the POV will merely be aware that it's not always like that.  As long as you remember. . . .

Not quite bad as putting the characters underground and having them see just fine without a light source, but still can be annoying.
Tags: local color, setting (scene), world-building: weather

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