marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

further rambles on outlining

Was working on an outline and pondering the process. . . .

Another thing an English teacher would not approve of in my outlines is -- you know how you are supposed to put things of equivalent importance on the same level?  Forget it.  Sometimes I write down the details of a dialog exchange, or even a perfect, gemlike line of dialog.  Sometimes a scene gets a sentence.

Leads to one less than pleasant consequence:  I can't estimate how long a story is based on how long an outline is, except in the loosest terms.  A novel outline is longer than a short story one, but I can't really tell how long a short story will be, based on its outline.  Or worse, whether it will fall in the Unpublishable Void of lengths, when you can't sell it as a short and can't sell it as novel, and no matter how gem-like in perfection it is, it's not going to get out.
Tags: outlining, story length, writing habits, writing technique

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