marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

philosophical meditations on style

Was reading a book recently -- which shall remain nameless -- and being jarred out every now and again by a particularly clunky and wooden sentence.

Except that imp in the back of my head (the one that takes up residence after you start writing and ensures that you will never read for pleasure the same way again) -- even he was a little awkward about suggestions.  Because while the style was on the whole flat-footed, it fit the character whose POV it was.  He would not express his thoughts in subtle and complex ways.  He had his dilemmas and his internal conflicts, and he thought his way through a good number of problems, but he was a noticeably straightforward character.

And then I'd hit another clunker and think, "That one really ought to have gone."  And some of the dialog, not being his words, could have stood some work.  (Then, what work is perfect?)
Tags: aesthetics, character voice, characterization, dialog, narrative voice, point of view, style

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