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Love and Freindship

Love and Freindship by Jane Austen

One of her juvenilia, never published until late in the nineteenth century, one of the longest complete pieces.  (I think only her History rivals it in length).  And a delightful one, foreshadowing the satiric side of Northanger Abbey more than anything else in her mature work.

Laura finally yields to the implorings of her friend Isabel, to recount the story of her life.  Vain, self-centered, full of tender but immensely selective sensibility, she recounts marrying her beloved Edward in preference to his father's choice -- a few minutes after meeting him -- alienating his aunt when they visit her, and further alienating his father when he visits at the aunt's, their staying with his dear friends Augustus and his wife Sophia, who had been living on the money Augustus had "gracefully purloined" -- and it goes on from there, with a remarkable number of coincidences and outlandish explanations and astounding events for so short a work.

Can be read here.
Tags: fiction reviews: mundane, fiction reviews: pre-20th century, lit crit

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