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episodic ideas

Some ideas lend themselves an episodic plot more than others.  Killing the Dark Lord on his Dark Throne -- go there, kill him, come back.  Episodes can be introduced, such as tracking down the sword, or whatnot, but it is not in essence episodic.  On the other hand, cleaning up a region where some evil wizardry threw about a lot of things -- like, say, cleaning up the Dark Land after aforementioned killing of the Dark Lord.

Oh, you can give it an arc if you want it to be a book and not a short-story collection.  Character growth if nothing else, or finding a pattern in the loose magic that has to be contained.  But even so it's going to be a looser weave than the quest to kill.  At least I hope so, since finding your way too quickly can kill suspension of disbelief, provided it's been set up as a situation where you have to fumble about.

It could be a fix-up, hooking up each story as they go along.  Still, that requires the whole thing to be sketched out -- or to be locked into choices that are made while writing the earlier ones, which can be a mistake.  (Assuming, of course, that you sell them and have scruples about revising them after.  <I>snort</I>  If wishes were horses, you would have to pick one to ride.  Such a problem.)
Tags: plotting, revision, story structure

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