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Got a character.  Bit character, perhaps minor -- but the story sequence is still unfolding.

And a sequence it is.  One story after another.  So I experiment with starting the first story.  And this character, I realize, must act here.  I had, after all, ascribed him as the expert in protection spells.  (I needed a protective plot device, and why not?  I had to provide the handful I knew about with some classmates.)

Now, I know very little about him.  I can skip over his background.  That he's lean and brown perhaps may be all the physical description needed.

I simply can't write him knowing only that his name begins with "N."  grumble grumble grouse grouse grouse.  All the handy masculine names starting with N either don't fit the era or just don't fit the character.  grumble.  Other writers manage to write with placeholders, but not, alas, me.
Tags: backstory, description, minor characters, names, plot devices

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