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this way, that way. . .

it's always interesting to have two reminders of different things you want to remember to do in the writing process.

On the one hand, during the day, when the muse is flighty, and playing around with new ideas even before the outline, let alone the story, is done,   Does the muse care?  No, bright new shiny ideas instead of the tedious job of mortaring them together into a completed arc. . . the only real necessity is to circle around back to old outlines, but that can slow down the process enormously. . . and it's not enough to write, you have to finish.

On the other hand, in the evening, totally, completely, and utterly reworking the ending of a story because I rushed through finishing up the outline so that I could do NaNoWriMo and boy was that a mistake.  Hard enough to drudge through it to get to the end, still harder to tear it to shreds and do the structural stuff that really should have been done in the outline.  (In the first draft, for all you non-outliners out there -- slapping down the first notion you get is unwise without seeing whether it will really work.)  You have to give it time and work out the implications and chose the best idea and often enough give it more time on the backburner to stew. . . .

You notice a certain tension between these notions?
Tags: endings, idea development, outlining

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