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Forerunner Foray

Forerunner Foray by Andre Norton

The third in the series, though much less connected than Storm Over Warlock and Ordeal in Otherwhere. (Blink and you'll miss it.)  And it opens on the same planet where Catseye takes place

Ziantha also sprang from the Dipple and escaped it;  Yasa, a catwoman, a high-ranking veep of the Thieves' Guild, recognized her as a sensitive and took her in.  The story opens with her raiding an information stash kept by a politician now in exile -- and happening on a rough clay lump in his rooms.  It obsesses her so much that she goes to apport it out of the place.

And she knows that another sensitive picked up her doing it.

Yasa is pleased enough with the prospect of more treasure from it that she sets out with Ziantha to track down the source.  And the rest of the tale involves Jacks (space pirates) and a secret port of theirs; mentally traveling through time, a process which has her meet a sensitive from her own time that she never met there; a discovery of a pair of gems: the Eyes; a little psychic alien that switches allegiance; and taking advantage of appearing as high-ranking people in a society, though with the little difficulty that one of them was dead.

I read this years ago at a tale of action and adventure, which it was, though nowadays I was pondering what sort of impact their actions as figures in long-ago Forerunner history had on that history.  It might be bad, might be good, but we get only that the widow of the dead man was treacherous toward him.  Since they only engage in their own treasure hunting, a lot of things could result; they never even try to help the men loyal to the dead man he appears as.
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