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implications and things

Sent off the heroine from the place where she is.  Fortunately, she's a professional letter writer.  The woman in charge will think nothing of sending her off to do the letter-delivery aspect.  Which means the muse is tossing around the notion like a ball.

And up pops a scene where she's being harassed by soldiers about the letters she's carrying.  One's talking about burning them.

hmm. . . hmm. . . poke it one or two times and conclude that if I include it, there's no way she's getting out of this on her own.  Even burning the letters does not, perhaps, entail her escape. . .and it's a good thing that the hero is looking for her, even under the mistaken impression that she's not a mere messenger girl.

And it does nicely indicate the eruption of anarchy following the recent events.

Although I will have to decide whether it's the widow's men who are doing it, or some other lord's, or perhaps some of the dead man's men, knowing the widow is against them, decide to take at once to their banditry. . . no, it can't be the last, because they are not out to rob but to play power games.  Burning the letters is not enough to keep them warm.

Ah, the charms of fitting things in as the muse tosses them out.
Tags: idea development, plotting

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