marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

dressing the heroine

Once upon a time, there was a bookcover.

I don't remember it well, I have only the vaguest picture of it, and I wouldn't want to see it to disturb my memory -- as that would disturb the muse, who is snatching a heroine's short brown hair out of it.  Also her clothes.

Since she's Not The Kind Of Girl, that means I'm dressing all the women of the world in the same attire, more or less, a smock over breeches.  (Women's breeches, of course, not men's.  I'm not sure that wearing men's breeches would be grounds for divorce, as it was in the Icelandic saga, but it would certainly been taken gravely and not well.)

Whereupon one villainess of the piece adorned herself with an enormous long smock that kinda defeated the purpose of breeches with its hampering her movements.  She's rich after all. . . and when a religious order also had women wearing long smocks, the villainess added long sleeves, hampering her hands.  Also rich cloth, and bedecked with jewels -- there's going to be a scene where the villainess noticably outshines the heroine, even though the villainess is supposed to be mourning.

Whereupon the muse observed that at some point the villainess is going to need to ride hard.  And her clothes will be a problem. . . .

One more thing to fit in!  (I suspect it will add to her motivations to be cruel to heroine and hero alike.  After all, she would not have to ride like that if not for them!)
Tags: heroes and villains, plot twist, world-building: clothing, world-building: economics, world-building: social classes

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