marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

loyalty and other problems

Ah, the delights of ripping off an idea because you think the writer who had it first did a poor job of it.

One of the less fun aspects may occur if you hit a point where it was bungled and it's not obvious how to actually make it tick.

When two evil necromancers have taken over the body of a nobleman and a noblewoman -- mortal enemies BTW -- and want to set out on a quest that has nothing to do with what either of the originals would ever have wanted, there's a fair amount of scope in what the firmly loyal guardsmen would do.

Hmm.  Perhaps I will have him act normally at first and only later reveal his plans.  This will confuse them enough that it will be logical that the nobleman's cousin, holding a higher rank, will be the first to boldly act against him on the grounds that's not really him.  The advantages of the habit of command. . . .
Tags: filing off serial numbers, heroes and villains, loyalty, world-building: social bonds, world-building: social classes

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