marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

maybe a monster or two

So I'm plotting along, and a villainess has gone to a family enemy and promised him lands that their families disputed over if only he will aid her.  (A guard of hers sidles off into the night.)

And I go -- urgh, politics.  Hmm. . . hmmm. . . . a wyvern or two might be fun.

True I have to go back and have -- my heroine, I think, worry about monsters in the hills.  She's the one who's been in the wildest areas with the fewest other people around for protection.  And perhaps I will have the guard worry about him as well as the treachery he is practicing during his flight.  (Especially since he can argue he's from the lands she just gave away, and it's a bit distant, anyway.)

But throwing in a few monsters is more fun than more politicking.  The heroine and hero can keep their heads down from the worst of that, since the commander's still around.

Sometimes the muse needs a good shove in the right direction, when she forgets that a story should be enjoyable, and writing a story should aim at including things that the writer, at least, enjoys reading.
Tags: plot twist, politics, world-building: creatures, writing audience

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