marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

the stones' strengths

Literature, like any form of art, exists in minute particulars.  Not that that always persuades the muse.  Who is now sitting and admiring the gleaming gemstones she has arrange on the shelves in the hidden cave.  All of which are magic.  And a villainess of the piece, trying to persuade the heroine, tells her what some of them do in hopes of persuaded her to an alliance

She, of course, picks the stones she thinks would be least useful.  No point in arming the enemy if there's to be no alliance.  And the muse happily states that the heroine will make brilliant use of these virtues to bring about events and do it quickly, too.  She will have some advantage in that the villainess choose the stones she would find least useful, and seeing how she's a sneak and a thief and a necromancer and so untrustworthy she never trusts anyone else,

Now, if i had any brilliant idea about what the characters would do next, I could cut the stones' virtues to fit, though it would of course need work to make it surprising.  Or if I had any brilliant ideas about what the stones could do, I could cut the plot to fit them -- it's not like I have any notions except for things that have to be farther ahead.

So the muse is humming merrily in her corner, and I am faced with magical stones that do something, that will be useful in some way, when the characters do something.


I look back at the novel I am revising and remind myself that I will really hate writing it if I don't get the outline done right.
Tags: idea development, world-building: magic (objects), world-building: magic (plot device)

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