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Those of you who want to read my review of volume 11 will have to go back here because I reviewed it when it came out.  And, of course, there's the new stuff I haven't gotten the volume for yet but have read online.  Here.    (And you can talk about it at girlgeniuscomic.)

Which reminds me I haven't done a webcomics recommendations post in a while.

Red's Planet Aliens abduct a girl from earth -- and lots of other aliens from their planets -- before they crash on yet another planet.  (I was wondering about this one for a time since the heroine seemed a bit too self-centered, but she shows more than that after a bit.

Cucumber Quest A parody of fantasy video games.  Also funny if you only read books; the tropes are familiar enough.

Far Out.  Robots in the Wild West!!!!  An all-robot Wild West at that.  Amusing little sketches of robotic life between the plot and the drama.

Impure Blood A fantasy revolving about a search for the last of the race called the Ancients.  It opens with the rescue of a half-Ancient gladiator from the arena.  Filled with secrets and drama.

Freefall  Fun and philosophy, with robots, a squid-like alien and spaceship captain, and an intelligent anthromorphic wolf engineer

Order of the Stick Comedy!  Adventure!  In a D&D universe!  A group of adventurers formed because their leader had to fulfill his father's death oath discover they are involved in a far more crucial matter.

Rusty & Co Comedy! Adventure!  In a D&D universe!  Three monsters realized who had the good deal and took up the life of adventurers!

The Specialists Superheroes in World War II-- a war dragged out years longer than in ours, because of German superheroes.

Bird Boy. A boy -- a  clumsy boy -- stumbles on something in the forest.  Something perhaps mythic in nature.

Gunnerkrigg Court A tale of a very, very, very strange school.

Erstwhile  Tales from the Brothers Grimm.
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