marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

a bad habit of mine

A bad, bad, bad habit of mine.

Yesterday I dropped the outline I had worked on on Monday and outlined a completely different story.  And last night I dropped the story I had been writing on Monday to start the story I just outlined.

It's a bad habit skipping from work to work as inspiration strikes.  Very easy to get a pile of stuff that never gets done.  You have to train yourself to circle back, and back, and back, and see if the inspiration decided to come back when it was ignored.  (And if that doesn't work, sit down one day and re-read the pile.  In one swoop.  The effect can be startling.)

On the other hand --

Today I finished the outline I worked on Monday.

Which is the sort of thing that keeps me jumping from idea to idea.

Tags: inspiration, outlining, persistance, switching stories, writing habits

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