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wrestle wrestle wrestle

In the first half of the book, we have the heroine's POV and no other.  Even if I had to diverge from hers, I could not go into the hero's, not when she is in doubt about him for the entire half, and dramatic irony wouldn't really work.

In the second half, there's  really good potential for some dramatic scenes -- in the heroine's absence, with the hero.  And it's the hero's internal conflicts that make them dramatic.

So, can I shift the POV and make it clear?  Probably would have to open the second half with his POV to establish it, and otherwise fudge up scenes to make it clear.

Alternatively, some of the scenes might be magically shown to her.  Which would affect her with some dramatic potential.

wrestle, wrestle, wrestle
Tags: conflict, point of view

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