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Start of Darkness

Start of Darkness by Rich Burlew  Order of the Stick Volume -1

Another prequel volume as you may have guessed from the number.

Probably best read after volume 1 and 2.

More unified than the Origin of the PCs, since it's tied more into the plot, and not into the sorts of random backstories that a herd of PCs may present to a DM.

But we see Xykon's childhood and beginning, and Redcloak's, including why that's his name.  And how they met, and how Xykon became a liche, and Redcloak's brother leaving to raise a family and what came of that.

Eugene Greenhilt shows up.  So do some other characters mentioned in the main story.

As you might guess from a story about villains getting started, the ending is not happy.  Still, it explains a lot.
Tags: fiction reviews: high fantasy, graphic novel/manga, role-playing games, webcomics

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