marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

planning the quest

Well, the slow part's over with.  Having given them a good reason not to go through all of the Beyond, I turned around and gave them a really good reason to go.

And I took notes on all sorts of ideas for places for them to find along the way.  So it's time to start -- well, stringing up like bead on a thread.  There's no real necessary structure to the quest. Not in a place with such non-Euclidean geography. Not when they are out on a quest to find where they have to go find what they are looking for -- and the heroine's not even on that, she's doing her best to manage when being figuratively and sometimes literally dragged along.

So -- pick one.  Any one.  And start.  I know perfectly well that once I set them in place and cement them there, I will within a few months forget that it ever could have been any other way and indeed have real trouble wrenching one free and putting it in a new place.

It still feels difficult to choose one at random and plop it down.
Tags: quest, setting (scene), story structure, travel

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