marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

Cat Crazy

Cat Crazy:  A Mutts Treasury by Patrick McDonnell

Last year's collection of Mutts cartoons.

Not all of them are even trying to be funny.  There are ones with quotations, and the Memorial Day one:  a soldier down on one knee, his duffle behind him, as a dog charges for him.

There are stories in sequence, like Mooch's attempt to find two identical snowflakes or Mooch and Earl's annual attempt to hibernate (complicated this year by a Charley horse).  Sequences on variations on a gag, like the booths on the boardwalk, or the Book Club gags on children's book titles.  And pure stand-alones, like a retelling of Hey diddle diddle (with Mooch as the cat and Earl as the little dog) or the one where Earl asks Mooch if he believes in ghosts.

Some sweet, some funny.  Worth reading.
Tags: fiction reviews: comic strips, fiction reviews: humor

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