marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

circle around the boundaries of the earth

With my long tail feathers floating as I fly, I circle around, circle around the boundaries of the earth. . . .

Used to sing that at camp.  It makes a nice round.  Also reminds me of my current Work-In-Progress situation.

It's a very bad habit to drop a story midway through working it because a new bright and shiny idea has come along and the WIP is dull.  Sometimes you just have to do it, though.  The important thing is to remember to circle back and look at the existing stories when bright-and-shiny has lost its luster in turn.

Sometimes this can be fun.  Ah, yes, the story I haven't worked on in over a year is ready to be revised some more.  And the first thing that is done is to hunt through the manuscript to figure out what two characters were doing before and after so I could work on what they were doing now in a scene I had abandoned barely begun.  Putting things on the backburner can help the muse work out details, and it can also clear the mind, so that you read what you wrote and not what you thought you wrote.  But by the same token, it can help you forget why you wrote it, so that a scene that appears dumb and needing only excising really needs -- you realize three chapters later -- a total overhaul because stupid as it was when it first sprang from the pen, it's vital support for a later plot development.

Tags: grumbles, inspiration, persistance, story structure, switching stories

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