marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

License to Dream

License to Dream:  A Rose Is Rose Collection by Pat Brady

A collection of strips.  Tending toward the sweet.

Featuring the title Rose, and her biker alter-ego Vicki, her husband Jimbo (both of whom can revert to childhood form if prompted correctly), their son Pasquale and his guardian angel, their cat Peekaboo, the monumentally selfish Clem, and the sweet little baby Mimi.

Several story lines (the time birds, being descendents of the mighty dinosaurs and going where they pleased, flew into the kitchen, and the question of getting them out, or when Pasquale and all the other kids get a cold that makes them whistle through the nose), other variations on a gag (Peekaboo rating sunny spots for instance), and stand-alone strips (Pasquale sitting under a tree with a bird singing, only for the scene to metamorphose, the notes turning to letters on the blackboard as he finds himself in school)
Tags: fiction reviews: comic strips, fiction reviews: humor

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