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Of Witches and Wind

Of Witches and Wind by Shelby Bach

The second "Ever Afters" book.  Spoilers ahead for the first, Of Giants and Ice.

It opens at EAS (Ever After School) with a fight with ice griffins, and one boy named Ben (new to the school) gets dumped in a lake and found again with a girl named Mia.  Another girl shows up, mute, unable to write, and is dubbed by Chase "Chatty" -- they assume she is one of the many mute Tales, in progress.

Rory suffers through the last day of school before her break, which she is going to spend at EAS with her good friends Lena and Chase.  Even after stumbling on something about Chase she hadn't known.  Except that at a banquet, the dessert is poisoned.  Rapunzel tries to warn them all with her usual cryptic phrasings, and only a handful go unpoisoned.  The Snow Queen signs

It's time for another Tale:  "The Water of Life."  Rory is once again not the main Character but is chosen for a Companion, as is Chase and two others -- more than the usual two because it is a special case.   It will take permission from the Fey court, at that.  (Lena ate some of the food, but keeps in touch with them by her magic mirrors.)

So they are on a quest across Atlantis, though the Companions change somewhat with rings of return when they are injured.  It involves a magical ring of the West Wind, a captive talking horse, using fancy shoes as a distraction, being rescued from a rip tide, a train with pumpkins for cars, discovering a lot about Chase's past, dreams about seeing Mia decapitated, dreams about a birthday cake, Rory using a visit to her father as a pretext to find a different object, and a truly nasty mirror maze among other things.
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