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A husband and wife are cleaning themselves up after their journey, and the husband comments on the way the men here don't carry swords.  The wife says that they can blame the perils of the road.

Neither, of course, suggests that he go unarmed.

On reflection I think I shall have to play up how startling it is to see the men go unarmed.  Regardless of whether I make the husband or the wife the point of view character the surprise will be equal.  Given, of course, that they hang out in high enough social circles for it.  But then they do.  It was one of Beau Brummel's innovations in manners that the gentlemen should no longer go around Bath carrying swords -- and he had to find a pretext for a duel and fight it, first, to establish the reputation sufficient to carry it off.
Tags: world-building: courtesy, world-building: military matters, world-building: social classes

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