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Don't Let the Turkeys Get You Down

Don't Let the Turkeys Get You Down by Sandra Boyton

We've all met them on a regular basis, those turkeys redolent of incompetence and self-confidence.  Here Sandra gives a  concise overview of the tribe -- or flock.

Their habitats, their fads, their mating habits -- their professions -- their hobbies.  You can, for instance, recognize a turkey beautician by the shop name; all turkeys are prone to ghastly puns, but beauticians particularly so.  (Alas, sometimes one is an employee and thus not recognizable until after.)  Turkey repairmen who can screw up even when given careful directions about -- you thought -- everything.  Turkeys like tennis and running as exercise because the clothes are cool, which is the important thing.

Careful attention to the illustrations is necessary for full value.  The text for turkey editors talks about how this is an impossibility.  Note the post it behind the turkey, and read what she has got on her desk.
Tags: fiction reviews: humor, graphic novel/manga

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