marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

Running on Alter Ego

Running on Alter Ego by Pat Brady

A Rose Is Rose collection.  Tending toward the sweet.  Featuring a large number of one featuring Rose's alter ego Vicki the biker.

Like the  time she urges Pasquale down the stairs in the morning

Some of the funniest are the standalones.  One strip has Rose wearing a Cat Person shirt -- and Peekaboo wearing a People Cat shirt.  Another has a water drop urging some smaller ones into snowflakes, and then the falling snowflakes explaining to Pasquale that they were late because their mothers insisted on their putting on their winter coats.

And some sweet sequences, such as the time as Pasquale's reflection got out of the mirror.  Alas, their mothers checked, so Pasquale's is happy, but the reflection's is still looking for him.  He needs Pasquale's help to get back.
Tags: fiction reviews: comic strips, fiction reviews: humor

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