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Well, I dun it.  Finished up the outline with over an hour to spare, and I don't think I rushed it.   So I'm ready to roll.

I will make this post sticky and post progress here.

Updating!   Current total 50,000 words -- Success!

Day 1:  300 words, 300 total.
Plus creating the files, the shortcut, and starting the character list as well.  But I got Rosalyta on the road to the castle, and had the company from the Fastness coming the other way, to foreshadow.

Day 2:  1100 words, 100 antiwords, 1300 total

Getting Rosalyta to court, and explaining Octavien.

Day 3: 1700 words, 3000 total.

Octavien arrives, and Rosalyta is enraptured.  So are many other young maidens -- he's long done this, the handsomest and greatest knight of the court.  She goes off into the garden with others, and gets drawn into discussions of flowers.

Day 4: 1100 words, to 4100 total.

Rosalyta sees the tourney, helps with bruises after, and when gathering more herbs for that purpose, sees someone sneaking about. Creeping after finds it's Sir Octavien, of all people.

Day 5:  1500 words, to 5600 total

Sir Octavien goes off on a mad quest to the Beyond.  Rosalyta follows, hoping to persuade him before he actually reaches it.

Day 6:  1800 words, to 7400 total

The knights at the Fastness reason with him, Rosalyta pleads with hiim -- Sir Octavien is unmoving.  He gives Rosalyta a potion that she takes for his sake -- and it blinds her with tears, and he tells her it will cause her to fall in love with someone else instead.

Day 7:  1000 words, to 8400 total.  And the big plot turn
Rosalyta's blind stumbling brings her to a knight of the Fastness, and the enchantment does its work:  she falls madly in love with Sir Guillaume.  She gets them to let her stay the night at the Fastness.

Dary 8:  1000 words, to 9400 total.

Rosalyta, talking to the ladies, realizes she can plead to stay there until she works up the courage to tell the queen of her failure.

Day 9: 1100 words, to 10,500 total.

They realize she has eaten only a little today, and send her off to the kitchens.  While she's there, a servant burns her hand and Rosalyta leaps to treatment.

Which is the unknotting of a weakness in the outline, about how she knew about it.  Also that following her so tightly raised questions about hunger -- I went back and put in her actually eating something that morning.  More speed tomorrow to make up for the unknotting time.

Day 10:  1100 words, to 11,600 total

She's brought the next morning to aid another servant, with a sore throat.  Which will lead on smoothly, I hope.

Day 11: 1500 words, to 13,100 total

Isobel talks with Rosalyta about getting suitable herbs growing.  Lady Blanchefleur appeals with her to come back.  And goblins attack.

Day 12:  1400 words, to 14,500 total.

They show Rosalyta the goblins, so she knows what they face, and recruit her to brew medicine.

Day 13:  600 words, to 15,100 total

She brews

Day 14:  1000 words, to 16,100.

Guillaume arrives after the battle, to be treated, and shows Rosalyta the goblins and deals with a magical sword.  Rosalyta thinks he's trying to scare her off.

Day 15: 1000 words, to 17,100

Rosalyta plants the sprigs of herbs -- in a courtyard that the Fastness itself makes ready for her.  They looked rather sickly after their journey, but start to recover.

Day 16: 2900 words, to 20,000.

A lot of backfill, with Rosalyta choosing the herbs and the like.  Followed by an attack by hags, and then by Isobel's recounting a problem with their tithes.

Day 17: 3100 words, to 23,100 total.

Rosalyta volunteers to help them explain why they go to a kingdom:  to find herbs for her.  Which, she learns, means she has to swear to the Fastness.  She does.

Day 18:  2000 words, to 25,100 total

Went back and inserted a scene about men trying to flee the Beyond -- carrying scrolls from the Beyond.  Which are destroyed.  And Rosalyta learns more of what she will face.  Then, jumped back to story time for them to be accosted in the woods.

Day 19:  1700 words, to 26,800 total

The man in the woods lets it be known that he wants to enter the Beyond.  They flee and are pursued -- to find sorcery chasing them.  Which means more trouble once they escape.  (She uses a herb to let them.)

Day 20: 1200 words, to 28,000

Rosalyta's being left in safety does not quite work, because when she and her guards are summoned, sorcery follows.  But they do get home safely.

Day 21: 1200 words, to 29,200

Rosalyta insists on planting the herbs at once, and Paloma comes to help her.  (I went back and made her younger.)  Isobel searches her out for her story, and Solange comes for Isobel, needing the annals.  Much talk.

Day 22: 1200 words to 30,400.

Rosalyta's talk of a pleasure garden for the invalid results in the courtyard being opened for one, and some scrambling to fill it.  Arianna brings in wizardry for some.

Day 23: 2100 words, to 32,500

Rosalyta watches as the wizard uses a cold spell to inspire the irises to bloom.  Then she watches over her gardens.

Day 24: 3000 words, to 35,500

A knight dies in her garden -- of age and ailments, but still, she is surprised.  Knights from other lands coming stumbling out of the Beyond, speaking of a need for rescue from roses.  Guillaume has Rosalyta come, since, unlike the infirmarians, she can leave.

Day 25: 2000 words to 37,500

A rescue from roses -- after dealing with some malicious oaks whose roots could move, they had to haul the men they rescued from tangles of briars.  Rosalyta treated injuries.

Day 26: 1200 words to 38,700

Rosalyta and the company return, despite the oaks that fell on their path, and win inside, where she is made much of.

Day 27: 1300 words to 40,000.

The knights of Alba praise Rosalyta in a manner she might have gotten used to in Pleasance, but is overwrought in the Fastness.  Their king invites her to Alba to be honored.

Day 28:  1800 words to 41,800

More people escape the Beyond, commoners from the fen, she learns.  They set out to Alba.

Day 29: 2300 words, to 44,100

Rosalyta is honored, and begged to leave the Fastness as a waste of so lovely a lady.  Then a warlock makes trouble, and they are off.

Day 30:  5900 words, to 50,000

Rosalyta deals with the warlock using herbs.  Then they have to chase him, and are caught in the wild by the king of another kingdom -- they strayed.  It ends well.  But another kingdom sent bad flour, and going to market led to angry mobs causing trouble.  And then there are snakemen, and Rosalyta holds forth on antidotes.
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