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Quicksilver by R.J. Anderson

A sequel to Ultraviolet, this time about Tori.  Or, rather, Niki, because the first thing that happens in this novel is that she and her mother go out and buy hair dye as part of the process of moving and changing all their names.

She hadn't told her parents all the truth, but the media circus gives them an excellent reason to flee.  The truth of the matter is that when her parents gave the authorities things for DNA testing, they found anomalies enough to make her very interesting.  They've hidden them their entire life.  And are now just hiding them again.

She has issues at her job, where there's a boy who's interested -- another boy, Milo, gives her some help.  He has teenaged problems of his own, mostly that his mother wants him to be a doctor, and he wants to teach phys ed.  And then she finds that the policeman most interested in her case is now working for the institute so interested in her DNA.

And I dare say it will surprise no one that the wormhole that caused so many problems last time will reappear.

It develops onward from there.  It involves a minister at a Korean church (who, among things, counsels couples) and his wife, who gives Niki a present, a venture into the howling wilderness where there's an observatory, Alison's sensory issues, and much more.
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