marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

Weirdos From Another Planet

Weirdos From Another Planet by Bill Watterson

Another Calvin and Hobbes collection

The title inspiring sequence happens fairly late -- Calvin and Hobbes take his wagon to Mars.  Before there are the time Calvin uses the transmogrifier to turn himself into a tiger, many comics turning on the "welcome" Hobbes gives him when he gets home from school, getting carried off by a helium balloon, many attempts to persuade Dad that his ratings are so low he will lose reelection.  Though after it, we have the time Mom foolishly says that he had better be really sick, waking her up in the night like that.

Rosalyn's baby-sitting is the opening sequence.  We also have several attempts by them to play games, such as football or baseball, which does not work well with two players.  Calvinball does not appear yet.
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