marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

shadow of the sword

So there I am typing along, and the heroine is walking through the aftermath of a skirmish, an attack on the fortress. . . .

And why not -- throw in that one had an enchanted sword.  A nasty enchantment, one that billows off in great black miasma when disenchanted.

Which of course means that at some point, I will have to explain why it is significant.  What the enchantment on it comes from.  Possibly even how dangerous it is.  Maybe even make it unpleasantly cold at the beginning, as the first sign.

The first piece of unequivocal enchantment from the lands beyond -- goblins are merely goblins, not obviously magic -- and so it has to be significant.

Fortunately, I think I can weave it into the themes. . . though the muse regards it with her usual reaction:  ooh, a new toy.
Tags: world-building: magic (objects), world-building: military matters

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