marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

social status anxiety

So I have my heroine off packing her luggage, at first.  Once she got past what she wanted to keep secret, she called in the maids for the rest.

Man, she has a lot more anxiety about her sudden promotion than I had realized.  Even when she was packing herself, without any company, it came out this draft.

I suppose any unexpected inheritance might produce it, but the legal -- irregularities in her case could not help, could not help at all.  At one point, she ponders how she had done certain things against the day when her father died, and his heir succeeded, and she crept off in the night with these carefully prepared provisions.  She would have prepared rather differently if only she had known she would inherit -- and what she would be doing next.

But she does spend some time pothering about the maids.

And when she meets someone in the corridors, it does bring her to reflect on how the woman treated her before her accession.
Tags: characterization, world-building: inheritance, world-building: servants, world-building: social classes

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