marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

threads of foreshadowing

My heroine is standing about, picking what threads she's going to pack.  Don't worry -- it's plot-relevant.  She avoids ordinary colors like red, blue, purple, pink for such hues as protection, sweet dreams, location. . . and other stuff.

What stuff is the sticking point.

I strongly suspect that I am going to have to put a note here to revise later.  I shall have to put in the square brackets, which I have found useful to indicate stuff that needs fixin'.  (You see, you can search for them.)  But what she's going to carry is going to indicate what's she's going run into.   It's lucky that just because the foreshadowing comes first in the finished tale doesn't mean you can't write it and then foreshadow it.

I can put in, now, a snippet about the stuff she discards. . . .


If I put that in, there's going to come a point where she needs one of the threads she's skipping over.  I've foreshadowed it and stuff. . . sigh.  I love it when I throw in some local color, and it announces it is Important and Significant.  Often, of course, without explicating its significance.  sigh
Tags: foreshadowing, world-building: magic (objects)

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