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The Coloured Lands

The Coloured Lands by G. K. Chesterton

A posthumous collection of some of the more whimsical works of Chesterton, including essays, cartoons, poetry, and -- tales, I think is better than stories.  Most are more striking for their creative ideas than for the care with which he worked out the world-building.  A number are juvenilia.

The cartoon I liked best was "Diogenes teaching Alexander Patience" -- also known as solitaire.

But we have the little boy being told about the adventures of a man in the blue land, the green land, the yellow land, and the red land.  We have the boy who succeeds in killing a two-head dragon when brave knights have been vanished by a one-headed one.  "Half-Hours in Hades" gives a whimsical demonology -- a study interesting even when youth, health, and life have departed -- dedicated to "that mature personage, the cimmerian nature of whose aspect is popularly supposed to be greatly overrated."  An essay on how literary dreams in no way match the irrationality of real dreams.  A tale in which a boy must tame the nightmare, which would rather ride on him.  And much more.
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