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Busman's Honeymoon

Busman's Honeymoon: A Love Story with Detective Interruptions by Dorothy L. Sayers.

The last Lord Peter Wimsey novel, in which she finally marries him off and is rid of him.  (He will appear in print once more, in a short story, and unpublished one will be written.  But no more novels.)

Like the last three, we settle down into the story through stage setting before we get to the crime.  Indeed, we have an opening passage in epistolary point-of-view, recounting things about their wedding with much verve from other points of view.  They end up not only buying a summer home in Harriet's childhood village, but deciding to honeymoon there to escape the reporters and all.  And it's well after their arrival and describing the village to us that we stumble on the crime.

On the other hand, it throws back to the first novels in one respect:  Peter suffers from the dreadful conflict between knowing he's doing this to amuse himself and the dreadful seriousness of hanging murderers.  The ones in between either focused on his romance or were panorama views that often didn't enter his point of view much.

It sweeps up the use of Tudor chimney pots as sundials, a length of chain, the use of a gun to free up the soot in the chimney, a man who wants to open a garage, the arrival of a man who's come to see the earlier owner about his note, a police constable who married rather young and had a child, a Superintendent who discovers a love of quotations in common with our couple, a woman who was killing chickens, and much more into an intriguing tale.
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