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Skellig by David Almond

A strange little tale about a boy, moving to a new home that needs to be fixed up, a home whose last owner had died in it.  And then the baby came prematurely, and isn't well.  And the boy finds, in the ramshackle mess that is called a garage, a very strange man.  At first the boy thinks he's dead, covered with dust and dead insects.

The book weaves together the baby's illness, his difficulties at school with this distraction, Mina the home-schooled girl next door, Whisper her cat, owls, and the man.  Along with the question of what we have shoulder blades for, much quoting of William Blake by Mina, his school friends calling Mina the Monkey Girl, requests for "27 and 53" and aspirin and brown ale -- but not cod liver oil, Arthur Itis, fixing up the home, dinosaurs, the man's reluctant permission for him to bring Mina, blackbird nestllings, hooting like an owl, and much more.

A mysterious and enchanting tale.

Tags: fiction reviews: contemporary fantasy, fiction reviews: ya fantasy, genre: magic realism

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