marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

why I outline

Was working on some outlines recently and remembering why I started outlining.

There were years when every story I wrote fizzled out, incomplete.  Part of that was losing interest when I hit a technical problem I was incompetent at.  But part of it was jumping on an idea that interested me and thinking that the interest meant that it was a story idea, and not a partial story idea.  It would fizzle because it wasn't enough.  So I started grabbing the little suckers by the throat and saying, "You're a story?  So outline yourself for me.  Prove that you're a story. Then I'll write you."

A stack of half-finished outlines is easier to handle than a stack of half-finished stories.

Though it can still be annoying.  So you go back, use some tricks, take another shy at it -- and at least have the consolation of having spent less time than on a story.
Tags: outlining, persistance, story structure

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