marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

philosophic observation about markets

The heroine has reached a market.  Besides having Events occur at it and being a wonderful place to foreshadow as she restocks and to fill in backstory as she hears gossip -- what a place to develop all that economics stuff that is so lacking in so many fantasy worlds.

What it strikes me as, is a wonderful chance for excessive description.  There's the question of what the heroine sees -- especially since she's been to market many times before.  And the matter of not slowing down the story with irrelevance about how the butcher got the animal carcases that he's hawking.

Enough to make the vigor of the bustling market clear, and that it's selling a lot, but the economics of the world are not the story's turning point.
Tags: description, exposition, foreshadowing, setting (scene), world-building: economics

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