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Forerunner by Andre Norton

One of her SF works.  I noticed in this one there was rather more coherence about the problems they faced than the somewhat random jumble some of her characters face.

It opens with Simsa, a Burrower -- someone who lives in the poor quarters -- having grown up under the protection of an older woman, who died.  She still has her tame zorsals, which can help defend her, but not enough to protect her from those who want to move in on her.  So she rummages through her treasures for sale, first to buy herself better clothes, and second to bring when the starmen arrive in their spaceships.

The first ship has on it a passenger who's interested in her pieces.  He's also interested in what other ruins and artifacts this planet may have, and above all, what happened to his older brother, who came in search of them.  Securing the money that he promised her involves in his affairs.

The rest of the tale involves a trader who decided to skip auction and sell his wares himself, a long voyage over the sea, a desert, a fierce draconic creature, pictures taken by his brother, a pool that doesn't have water in it, and a statue that looks like Simsa.  Among much else.
Tags: fiction reviews: sf

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