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Beauty by Robin McKinley

An enchanting retold version of Beauty and the Beast.

There are a few definite differences. She and her sisters get along fine, for instance, and she's the ugly one of the family.  She explains in the opening that they were Grace, Hope, and Honour, and when small, she asked her father what those meant, and on hearing a description of honor, concluded she would rather be Beauty.  It stuck.  Even through the years as it became increasing inaccurate, especially by contrast.

But her father comes to ruin in the classic style, with her sister Grace's betrothed being lost with the ship.  Her sister Hope's suitor, who wanted to go home and be a blacksmith, offers to marry her and take them all to his new home.  And from there the tale winds out.

She had a marvelous time detailing and elaborating all the incidents of the tale.
Tags: fiction reviews: fairy tale based

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