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The Sheikh And The Dustbin

The Sheikh And The Dustbin, And, Other McAuslan Stories by George MacDonald Fraser

The last McAuslan collection.  Ending with an afterword in which Fraser recounts how he met up with his old Colonel at a book signing and when they had a drink after, the Colonel said that the notice that the regiment never existed, and all the characters were fictitious -- well, that was rot.  Possibly libelous rot.  Was he a fiction?

And so we have some more adventures.  Like the narrator's problems with servants -- greatly complicated by the way an officer had to have a batman.  The time they were subduing civil unrest in Africa, and McAuslan astounded the narrator:  on being told that the wogs couldn't govern themselves, with the relative condition of the European and native architecture being pointed out in evidence, McAuslan actually produced the Pyramids as counter-evidence.  The bet that involved his men being sent out to make their way by map to a bridge -- and put out a lamp on it as an additional challenge.
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