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time frame

What's a nice time for a wedding?  Or, more particularly, what's a good, symbolic time to show what the wedding signifies in the course of story events?

The scene was coming to me with lots of bushes putting out tiny green leaves, not enough to cover the branches -- so, spring.  In the mountains, so late.  Which triggers other thoughts.

Like, how long has it been since this all began?

Since at one point a character refuses to sanction a wedding because it had not been enough time from the betrothal, there might be scandalous rumors, obviously it has to start months before the wedding.

On the other hand, it starts with many characters fortune-telling, because the festivity in question, New Year's Day, is the appropriate time to determine what the year ahead will be like.  I could put it on other festivities, I could shift around the New Year -- however, I think I'm going to be ending the story with the survivors doing it again.  I could, of course, have several years, but the points at which they did it again would be major shifting points in the plot, and I don't think I have that.  Not even a hinge in the plot for a midpoint where they foretell as well.  Besides, the predictions are borne out in the story.  New predictions would need to be new enough to keep the readers awake and still be borne out.

So, on one hand, months must pass; on the other, it must be contained in a year.  sigh.  Now, I just fit it in.  I suppose I ought to be glad that the weather has been neither plot-significant nor symbolic in any other scene.
Tags: foreshadowing, story structure, story time, world-building: festivities

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