marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

Secret Cities Full of Secretive Secrets

Back from Arisia and ready to talk about the panels. . . .

This one was about urban fantasies.All the panelists wrote and could enthuse about the marvels and wonders of the cities they had selected.  One talked about who you see when you go grocery shopping about 2AM, and about the secret, or at least unknown, culture of folks who know the recycling schedules so they can go about and ferret out all the cans and bottles from the recyclables, to return them.

The importance of getting a feel for the city and basing your stuff on real locations even if you change them for the story.  The waste of situating a story somewhere and not using that location.

I asked why it's usually secret with all those werewolves and vampires, instead of just obscure corners like those recycling raiders.  (I cited L. Jagi Lamplighter's Prospero Lost as a rare book where it's really justified.)  They admitted that they wanted to put in their real cities, and they wanted to think they could really stumble on it, but didn't go into the justifications you might use for it.
Tags: arisia, genre: urban fantasy, masquerade, setting (whole story)

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