marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

rip-off re-inspiration.

It's an odd thing about inspiration from other people's work.  Once you hack loose something and run away (with wild "eek!"s of delight) with it flapping behind you, and then you settle down to file off the serial numbers. . . .

The story that ensues may or may not have any resemblance at all to the original.  It grows, it shifts, it puts out new shoots, it may even prune off the original inspiration, it can certainly weave into the growth so thoroughly that you can't detect where it is. . . .

But there's a funny little thing about my muse.  If I re-read the work, or look again at the artwork, or whatever, it frequently sets the muse off and running again on the story if it had gone dry.

Ah, the muse's little -- quirks.
Tags: filing off serial numbers, inspiration

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