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Astro City Vol. 2: Confession by Kurt Busiek

The second volume, yes, but the story is intact in itself, and none of the characters introduced in the first volume need any info from it to work here.  It's about Brian, a small-town boy whose doctor father had died bankrupt and held in contempt by all the town, which carries on to his son.  He breaks free to go to the big city.

Even getting off the bus in Astro City, he sees the first supers -- a group called the Crossbreed, only partly human, doing the street-corner evangelizing.  He gawks, he seeks out jobs where he can see them, he reflects on how they get respect.

He acquires a mentor.  And, in a story involving a hostage situations where it's not the heroes who save the day, a strange cathedral, a shapeshifter, an arrogant superhero who steals credit, a serial killer, aliens. breaking out of prison, and much more, he learns.  About his mentor, and about life.

A wonderful story.
Tags: fiction reviews: superheroes, graphic novel/manga

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