marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

Life in the Big City

Astro City Vol. 1: Life in the Big City by Kurt Busiek

A collection of the opening -- six stand-alone tales.

And while some are stories, some aren't really.  Because what this volume is about is not so much the particular actions and characters involved in each issue, it's about what it would really be like to live in a world with superheroes.  Not on a practical, nuts-and-bolts world-building level.  But what would it feel like?

So we have points of view.  A superhero or two, a reporter, a low-life crook, a bystander, and a -- something I won't tell you because it's spoilery.

Astro City is home to the usual miscellany of characters (and origins) that you find in a typical superhero-supporting universe.  But the treatment he gives them is nothing like it.  An intriguing collection.
Tags: fiction reviews: superheroes, graphic novel/manga
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