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where shall they marry

So where shall they marry?

Without thinking of it, I had had both weddings take place at the bridegroom's residence in the first draft.

In the second draft, I thought I might have one take place at the bride's -- and finesse the second one as a special case.  It is, in my reading experience, a much more common pattern for the ceremony.  (Though of course it can involve moving the bride to her new home in the course of the ceremony -- the ceremony itself begins in her home or its vicinity.)

Then I look at the manuscript surgery necessary and quail.  And reflect.  And consider that this would take a good amount of space that at first glance would not move the story forward.  It might sprout something, it could world-build and develop character -- but on reflection, I think a bridal procession will bring the bride to the bridegroom's, where the ceremony will be held.

Sometimes the first thing you plopped down was right.

But now I have to consider whether bridal crowns are appropriate.
Tags: families: matrimony, revision, world-building: festivities

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