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Wrede On Writing

Wrede On Writing by Patricia C. Wrede

Patricia C. Wrede on all sorts of writing topics.

What the presence of a codfish dinner far inland means for your world-building.  How the big issue with not caring about your grammar is not that it will mean automatic rejection (though it will), but that you have thrown away the chance to use run-ons or sentence fragments in a handful of places where they will have dramatic impact, because you are scattering them everywhere.  How the grammar that you learned in school was good as far as it went, but it's the equivalent of learning to build blocky things in Legos; to be a writer, you want to go on and figure out how to put together words and sentences and paragraphs and scenes more artfully than that.  (You even want to consider the letters, which bring in the sound, though you have less flexibility there, since you can't choose the spelling of a word.)  The overemphasis on hooks and the importance of their being accurate.  Business plans for writers.

And much more
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